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Why Choose Morningstar

Why Choose Morningstar Mortgage?

Being an expert in Reverse Mortgage Solutions for Seniors is much more complex than simply being a licensed loan officer. To truly serve the needs of a senior with a reserve mortgage, requires an understanding of more than the reverse mortgage itself. Estate planning, trust fund considerations, medical care planning and power of attorney issues are often involved. This makes the use of a true qualified professional extremely important. Every reverse mortgage application received at Morningstar Mortgage will be personally reviewed by a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS).

A CMPS is:

  • A designation earned by less than 1% of mortgage professionals in the United States.
  • Held to a higher standard of ethics and education.
  • Certified to teach continuing education classes to Certified Financial Planners.
  • Will also be able to interact effortlessly with your financial advisor, estate planner, CPA, realtor, and tax professional.

This will insure that you will receive the best possible plan of action and end results.

Morningstar Mortgage is a Federal Housing Agency Approved Lending Institution. Approved Lender # 24053-00004. We are not simply a branch of one bank and limited to the reverse mortgage products they offer. We offer a range of different options from many wholesale lending sources both government insured, and privately held. More choices mean more ability to match your needs flawlessly.

Morningstar Mortgage is a California Corporation created and managed by Bill Gaffney, a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist and licensed Real Estate Mortgage Broker #01277889. He began his career at the ground floor at a Real Estate Investment Firm in 1987 and has since held positions in sales management, operations training, and education in wholesale lending before founding Morningstar Mortgage in 1994.



Our office is centrally located at the corner Beach Blvd. and Warner Ave. We are on the 9th floor of a 15 story reflective glass office building. We are one mile from the 405 freeway, and 3 miles from the 22 freeway.

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