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Seal Beach Reverse Mortgage

Top 5 reasons to talk to us about a Seal Beach Reverse Mortgage

  1. Financial planning. The value of your home will move up or down regardless of the mortgage you have on it, if any. Why not rebalance some equity into other investments? See our example case studies for more options, or ask us, but one family pulled money out of their primary home to buy a 2nd home for cash near their grandchildren. No equity was lost – they just shifted it from one house to two, and enjoy a better quality of life to be near family.
  2. Cash is King. It’s always better to have liquid funds available and not need it, than the other way around.
  3. Clear out medical or other debts, and improve your quality of life. One couple had several thousands of dollars in dental work they’d put on a credit card, and were steadily paying down via social security, but that meant not visiting their children. With a reverse mortgage you’ll still leave the home to your kids if that’s what you choose, they’ll just have a small mortgage on it they can refinance or pay off.
  4. Stay out of a Nursing Home. By planning ahead with retrofitting and in-home care when you’re further along and need some help, a NSeal Beach Reverse Mortgage can help you by freeing up cash for this.
  5. Giving to family while you’re around to enjoy the transfer. A lot of well meaning families plan to leave their home to heirs – but by spreading this out over a number of years, you may be able to reduce the tax implications by staying below the annual gift-tax threshold, and you’re also able to have a hand in directing those funds toward grandkid’s college funds, travel together and more.
Next step: Schedule a free consultation with us about your Seal Beach Reverse Mortgage and get some options. No pressure – just numbers to consider. More about our city… Seal Beachย is a city in Orange County, California. The population was 24,157 at the 2000 census. The City was incorporated on 25 October 1915. Seal Beach is located in the north-westernmost corner of Orange County. San Pedro Bay, part of the Pacific Ocean, lies to the northwest. To the northwest, just across the border of Los Angeles County, lies the city of Long Beach. To the southeast is Huntington Harbour (part of Huntington Beach) and the unincorporated community of Sunset Beach. To the east is the city of Westminster and the community of West Garden Grove. To the north is the unincorporated community of Rossmoor and the city of Los Alamitos.

History of Seal Beach

Early on, the area that is now Seal Beach was known as “Anaheim Landing”, as the boat landing and seaside recreation area named after the nearby town of Anaheim, California. By the 20th century, it was known as Bay City, but there was already a Bay City located in Northern California. When the time came to incorporate on 25 October 1915, the town was named Seal Beach. The town became a popular recreation destination in the area, and featured a beach-side amusement park long before Disneyland was founded inland.