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Wait! Why not “dig the well before you’re thirsty”?

Even if you don’t need the cash flow now, why not learn how a reverse mortgage can help you with a risk-free consultation? There’s no obligation – just friendly options to consider.

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[subheadline{Learn how a Reverse Mortgage can unlock under-performing cash while you keep title and optimize gifts to heirs or charity.}]



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What People Are Saying…

“Now I’m confident and in control of my cash flow. I invested the funds and earn more than the cost to borrow, plus increase tax deductions, and can give to my family with less taxes than a single lump sum. I highly recommend all seniors check into a reverse mortgage and what it can do for you. Thanks!” Mitchell Berkowitz, FL

“I’m able to give more money to my family while I’m still here to enjoy time with them, and am saving money on taxes too. I didn’t think I needed a reverse mortgage, but once I saw the numbers, I see why so many people have them and how they can help financial planning. Thank you for the help and God bless.” Sharon Blonigan}]


Learn How Our No-Fee, Fixed-Rate Reverse Mortgages can Give You Control Over Your Retirement Cash Flow!

Our clients range in financial status from…

  • Financially Comfortable – Seniors well off and using a reverse mortgage simply to increase tax benefits, give more to family while around to enjoy it.
  • Fine for now, but not certain about the distant future. If you’re on a fixed income but see expenses increasing each year, a reverse mortgage can help you adjust for this.
  • Seniors urgently needing a cash flow improvement and cash within 30 days.

Whatever your situation, a reverse mortgage is just a financial planning tool. Enter your email now above (or bottom right) to get our free report and video on how our no-fee “Cash Advantage” or “Rate Buster” products can help you reach financial goals.  There’s no obligation to borrow – just risk-free options to consider!

In our video and report, you’ll learn

  • How a reverse mortgage works and what the basic product is
  • How a reverse mortgage can reduce taxes on gift to heirs
  • How some consumers choose to invest proceeds with a financial planner and earn more than the cost to borrow. We cannot make any financial claims about this due to SEC regulations and to protect you, however, we can ethically and legally inform you of what some other clients do with their funds
  • How a Reverse Mortgage can give you lump-sum cash, a line of credit, monthly payments, or a combination of these
  • The fine print of a reverse mortgage you must know about before you apply.

Once you’ve seen our short 6 minute information packed video (on the next page) you will also have immediate access to our report, and if you choose, a chance to either get a quick quote, or complete the full application for exact numbers.