Orange County Reverse Mortgage –

Debt Consolidation + College Gift Case Study

If you are carrying debt currently, a reverse mortgage may be a tax-advantaged financially superior way to consolidate and wipe out debt. Reverse mortgages are exactly like a regular mortgage in terms of equity – you can use the funds for whatever you like, but unlike a regular mortgage there are zero monthly payments. The interest simply accrues until the loan is paid off, which becomes due when you sell the house, or move (i.e. into assisted living etc.) or pass away.

It can also be a great way to help grandchilden with college, and a more enjoyable way to financially help adult children while you’re around to enjoy the process.

Your heirs or charity will still receive your home if that’s your intent. It will simply have a low, easy-to-pay off mortgage that’s due upon sale, or must be refinanced into a new conventional mortgage (or home equity line) if your heirs intend to keep the home.

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